Team Cindy and Traditions at Walk for Hospice

Bruce Billingham and employees of Micro Support Group promoting Care Dimensions' 30th Walk for Hospice

Bruce Billingham (far right), president of Micro Support Group in Beverly, MA, is joined by employees who support Team Cindy and the Care Dimensions Walk for Hospice. His daughter, Dayna Morton, is fourth from left.

My family and I became associated with Care Dimensions in 2006, when my wife, Cynthia Spearing Billingham, was admitted to the Kaplan Family Hospice House for end-of-life care. She had been battling MS (multiple sclerosis) for many years. She received great care – the hospice team eased her pain and for a few days we were able to entertain friends and relatives who were anxious to spend time with her.


The care and support that Cindy and all of us received from the Kaplan House staff was a blessing we will never forget.  She passed on Good Friday.


I felt that one of the best ways that we could remember Cindy and keep her spirit alive was to participate in the Walk for Hospice, so our children, Dayna and Chase, helped me form Team Cindy that fall. For each year thereafter, Team Cindy has been a supporting force for Care Dimensions. In some years we have fielded a team of more than 30 walkers. We have a Team Cindy sign on a 10-foot pole that some younger, stronger team member proudly carries. We wear Team Cindy swag, hats, and shirts. After the walk, all of Team Cindy meets at a restaurant or my house for refreshments to celebrate both Cindy and our fundraising accomplishment.


Dayna and her husband, Erik Morton, and Chase and his wife, Maya, have given us three beautiful grandchildren: William, 5; Evelyn, 3; and Alistair, 2. All are strong Team Cindy members.


We look forward to participating in the Walk for Hospice again this year and carrying on our Walk traditions for many years. We hope you will join us in supporting Care Dimensions and the important work they do to help hospice patients and families.

Bruce Billingham is president of Micro Support Group, Inc. He is an annual supporter of Care Dimensions and lives with his wife, Valerie, in Beverly, MA, who also participates in the Walk for Hospice.

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