Copyright Clearance Center’s ‘Team CCC’ Walks to Give Back

Copyright Clearance Center's team at Care Dimensions Walk for Hospice

The Copyright Clearance Center’s team at the Care Dimensions 2016 Walk for Hospice

Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) of Danvers, MA, has been participating in Care Dimensions’ Walk for Hospice for many years, and this year will be no exception. We will walk together in our orange shirts not only to show support for the crucial services of hospice organizations like Care Dimensions, but also in memory of our relatives, friends, and colleagues who’ve been affected by terminal illness.


This year, we lost a beloved co-worker to pancreatic cancer. We saw her struggle up-close and it was another reminder of the incredible value of the supportive services hospice offers for patients at the end of their lives.


 Team CCC members talk about participating in the Walk for Hospice


“When I first started at CCC, I walked to participate in a fun and charitable event with colleagues. I still do it for that reason, but now I also walk in memory of my grandmother, who was placed in hospice care at the end of her life. The personal experience really taught me the value of hospice care not only to the individual, but also to their family and friends, so the Walk has become a nice way to raise money for a charity and honor the memory of my grandmother at the same time.”

– Erin F.


“This is my first year doing the Walk. I’m walking in memory of my friend of over 20 years who died of breast cancer. We met at a horseback riding stable when we ended up in the same Wednesday night lesson. Through that experience we became good friends.  I still find it hard to wrap my brain around the fact that she is gone.”

– Joanna G.


Copyright Clearance Center's team members walking at Care Dimensions Walk for Hospice

Members of the Copyright Clearance Center’s team walk in the 2016 Walk for Hospice to benefit Care Dimensions.

“I’ve seen first-hand Care Dimensions’ support for friends and family members. They are there not only for the patient, but also to support family members who are going through a hard time. I have a friend who works for Care Dimensions and I know how important hospice work is.”

– Jeanne B.


“I am very lucky that my own family members have their health right now but, should that situation change, I want to know those services will be available for my own loved ones if need be.  I walk in thanks that hospice care was there for my friends’ families, and in hope that it will be there should I or a loved one ever need it in the future.”

– Karen G.


“I’m walking for my co-workers. CCC is such a great family itself that I feel like supporting colleagues going through hardship is something I have to do. I always hear about people whose families are going through tough times, with sick or elderly members in need of hospice. I figure if there’s something I can do that takes an hour out of my day and donates to a great cause, that’s a weekend activity I can get on board with. I’ve been doing the Walk since I first started with CCC in 2012, and we’ve always had a great turnout. I hope to see everyone there!”

– Kat F.



Join Copyright Clearance Center and many more companies, organizations, families, and individuals in supporting the Care Dimensions Walk for Hospice.



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